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Optimal Control Theory. An Introduction book

Optimal Control Theory. An Introduction book

Optimal Control Theory. An Introduction by Donald E. Kirk

Optimal Control Theory. An Introduction

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Optimal Control Theory. An Introduction Donald E. Kirk ebook
ISBN: 0486434842, 9780486434841
Publisher: Dover Publications
Page: 472
Format: pdf

Usually found in control systems books.. And while there are specific guides for how to fit this or that ship for this or that purpose, there are few general guides to the theory of fitting a ship for PvP. This textbook offers a concise yet rigorous introduction to calculus of variations and optimal control theory, and is a self-contained resource for graduate students in engineering, applied mathematics, and related subjects. It has had extremely deep impacts in fields such as mechanics (Lagrangian mechanics) and control theory (optimal control), and we refer the reader to [29] for a thorough introduction. As a result, it is probably sub-optimal in any number of areas. The review includes, side by side, models which are simple and/or comprehensive; deterministic and/or stochastic; continuous and/or discrete; using ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, optimal control theory, integral equations, Introduction. An Introduction Ebook By Donald E. Editor's introduction to the first publishing of this guide. Meditch, “On the Problem of Optimal Thrust Programming for a Lunar Soft Landing,” IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 9(4), 1964 pp. This is one of the most theory of ship-fitting. A tackle interceptor is most often fit with only a Damage Control and a meta Medium Shield Extender as its only tank. Kirk, Optimal Control Theory, Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1970. Introduction to Optimal Control.

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